Theoretical Orientations and Practical Applications of Psychological Ownership


White Nativism, Ethnic Identity and US Immigration Policy Reforms: American Citizenship and Children in Mixed Status, Hispanic Families
Separation-Individuation Struggles in Adult Life: Leaving Home
Primate Behavioral Ecology, Fifth Edition
Theoretical Orientations and Practical Applications of Psychological Ownership By Chantal Olckers
“Research and Development Evolving Trends and Practices: Towards Human, Institutional and Economic Sectors Growth” ed. by Soha Maad

White Nativism, Ethnic Identity and US Immigration Policy Reforms: American Citizenship and Children in Mixed Status, Hispanic Families

Routledge | English | Oct 2017 | ISBN-10: 1138234370 | 238 pages | PDF | 2.91 mb

by Maria del Mar Farina (Author)
Analysing US immigration and deportation policy over the last twenty years, this book illustrates how US immigration reform can be conceived as a psychological, legal, policy-driven tool which is inexorably entwined with themes of American identity, national belonging and white nativism. Focusing on Hispanic immigration and American-born children of Mexican parentage, the author examines how engrained, historical, individual and collective social constructions and psychological processes, related to identity formation can play an instrumental role in influencing political and legal processes. It is argued that contemporary American immigration policy reforms need to be conceptualized as a complex, conscious and unconscious White Nativist psychological, legal, defence mechanism related to identity preservation and contestation.
Whilst building on existing theoretical frameworks, the author offers new empirical evidence on immigration processes and policy within the United States as well as original research involving the acculturation and identity development of children of Mexican immigrant parentage. It brings together themes of race, ethnicity and American national identity under a new integrated sociopolitical and psychological framework examining macro and micro implications of recent US immigration policy reform.
Subsequently this book will have broad appeal for academics, professionals and students who have an interest in political psychology, childhood studies, American immigration policy, constructions of national identity, critical race and ethnic studies, and the Mexican diaspora.

Separation-Individuation Struggles in Adult Life: Leaving Home

Routledge | English | Oct 2017 | ISBN-10: 113865826X | 128 pages | PDF | 6.77 mb

by Sarah Fels Usher (Author)
Separation-Individuation Struggles in Adult life: Leaving Home focuses on the developmental task of separating from parents and siblings for individuals and couples who have not been able to resolve these issues earlier in life.
Sarah Fels Usher extends Mahler’s theory, and includes the writing of Loewald and Modell, among others, stressing the right of adult patients to a separate life. She describes the predicament of Oedipal victors (or victims), their introjected feelings of responsibility for their parents, and their resultant inability to be truly individuated adults. Difficulties separating from siblings are also given analytic attention. Usher’s experience treating couples adds a new and powerful dimension to her theory. She is optimistic throughout about the therapist’s ability to help adult patients resolve the rapprochement sub-phase in a satisfying manner.
An additional, crucial question is raised when the author asks if the therapist can allow the patient to terminate treatment. Has the therapist achieved separation from their own parents―or, indeed, from their analyst? Exploring the plight of patients of the unseparated analyst, Usher describes how these generational factors rear their unfortunate heads when it is time to end therapy.
Listening to patients from the perspective of separation-individuation is not new; what is new is Usher’s emphasis on how these particular issues are often masked by significant achievement in adult professional life. Separation-Individuation Struggles in Adult Life: Leaving Home will be of great importance for psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists working with adults, as well as for clinical postgraduate students.

Primate Behavioral Ecology, Fifth Edition

Routledge | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1138954365 | 602 pages | PDF | 67.14 mb

by Karen B. Strier (Author)
This comprehensive introductory text integrates evolutionary, ecological, and demographic perspectives with new results from field studies and contemporary noninvasive molecular and hormonal techniques to understand how different primates behave and the significance of these insights for primate conservation. Each chapter is organized around the major research themes in the field, with Strier emphasizing the interplay between theory, observations, and conservation issues. Examples are drawn from the “classic” primate field studies as well as more recent studies on previously neglected species, illustrating the vast behavioral variation that exists across the primate order. Primate Behavioral Ecology 5th Edition also examines how anthropogenic activities are negatively impacting primate populations, including a thorough analysis of behavioural plasticity and its implications. This fully updated new edition incorporates exciting new discoveries and the most up-to-date approaches in the field to provide an invaluable overview of the field of primate behavioral ecology and its applications to primate conservation. It is considered to be a “must read” for all students interested in primates.

Theoretical Orientations and Practical Applications of Psychological Ownership By Chantal Olckers

English | PDF,EPUB | 2017 | 338 Pages | ISBN : 3319702467 | 5.74 MB

This book shares the theoretical advancements that have been made regarding psychological ownership since the development of the construct and specifically the practical applications within multi-cultural and cross-cultural environments.
Enriched by empirical data and case studies by subject specialists in the field, this book serves as a cutting-edge benchmark for human resource management specialists, industrial psychologists, as well as students in positive organizational psychology and professionals in other fields. This book follows an in-depth view of the most recent research trends in psychological ownership. Offering practical tools of how the psychological ownership of employees could be developed in the workplace to not only enhance the performance of organisations, but to increase the commitment of employees and influence the intentions of skilled employees to remain with their organisations.

“Research and Development Evolving Trends and Practices: Towards Human, Institutional and Economic Sectors Growth” ed. by Soha Maad

ITexLi | 2017 | ISBN: 9535134809 9535134795 9789535134794 9789535134800 | 122 pages | PDF | 11 MB

This book traces the evolution and trends in research and development (R&D) and sheds light on key R&D practices of vital importance for human, institutional, and economic sector growth. Target readers of this book are various economic stakeholders including academia, industry, investors, and public sector entities. Given its transdisciplinary coverage of various areas in research and development, this book fills a knowledge gap and motivates research and innovation among academia, industry, and public sector.
Following an introductory chapter, gathering a pool of knowledge about R&D, the subsequent book chapters are classified into three sections: (1) “R&D for human growth and prosperity” with particular focus on human development and research-development-extension relationships, (2) “R&D for institutional growth” with particular focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and (3) “R&D for economic sector growth” with particular focus on smart microgrids, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission, and metallurgical industry.
1 Introductory Chapter: R&D Trends and Evolution – Emerging Concepts, Frameworks, Policies, Management Systems, and Applications
2 Human Development and Research-Development-Extension Relationships
3 SMEs Development through Public and Private Partnerships: The Key Role of Research Transfer and Patent Information Analysis
4 Smart Microgrids: Optimizing Local Resources toward Increased Efficiency and a More Sustainable Growth
5 Assessing the Possible Potential in Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission: Application of a Proven Hybrid Method
6 Research and Devolopment about Metallurgical Industry of Romania
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