Propaganda and Nation Building Selling the Irish Free State

Politics, Sociology

Propaganda and Nation Building: Selling the Irish Free State by Kevin Hora
Dis/ability Studies: Theorising disablism and ableism by Dan Goodley
Production of Postcolonial India and Pakistan: Meanings of Partition (Interventions) by Ted Svensson
Populism: An Introduction (Key Ideas) by Manuel Anselmi
Regulating the Lives of Women: Social Welfare Policy from Colonial Times to the Present, 3rd Edition by Mimi Abramovitz

Propaganda and Nation Building: Selling the Irish Free State by Kevin Hora

2017 | ISBN: 1138829137 | English | 243 pages | PDF | 7 MB

This book examines the origins of Ireland in its first independent incarnation, the Irish Free State (1922-1937). It explores how contemporary public relations and propaganda techniques were used to construct an identity for this new state – a state which after enduring seven years of insurrection and civil war, became one of the most stable democracies in Europe. This stability, the book argues, was constructed not solely through policies enacted by governments, but through the construction of a Gaelic, Catholic and Celtic national identity.
By shifting the perspective to how nation building was communicated, it weaves an interdisciplinary narrative that initiates a new understanding of nation building – providing insights of increasing relevance in current world events. Avoiding a simplistic cause and effect history of public relations, the book examines the uses and effects of early public relations from a political and societal perspective and suggests that while governments were only modestly successful in their varied propaganda efforts, cumulatively they facilitated a transition from violence to peace.
This will be of interest to researchers and advanced students with an interest in public relations, propaganda studies, nation building and Irish studies.

Dis/ability Studies: Theorising disablism and ableism by Dan Goodley

2014 | ISBN: 0415827221, 0415827213 | English | 224 pages | PDF | 2 MB

n this ground-breaking new work, Dan Goodley makes the case for a novel, distinct, intellectual, and political project – dis/ability studies – an orientation that might encourage us to think again about the phenomena of disability and ability.
Drawing on a range of interdisciplinary areas, including sociology, psychology, education, policy and cultural studies, this much needed text takes the most topical and important issues in critical disability theory, and pushes them into new theoretical territory. Goodley argues that we are entering a time of dis/ability studies, when both categories of disability and ability require expanding upon as a response to the global politics of neoliberal capitalism. Divided into two parts, the first section traces the dual processes of ableism and disablism, suggesting that one cannot exist without the other, and makes the case for a research-driven and intersectional analysis of dis/ability. The second section applies this new analytical framework to a range of critical topics, including:
The biopolitics of dis/ability and debility
Inclusive education
Markets, communities and civil society.
Dis/ability Studies provides much needed depth, texture and analysis in this emerging discipline. This accessible text will appeal to students and researchers of disability across a range of disciplines, as well as disability activists, policymakers, and practitioners working directly with disabled people.

Production of Postcolonial India and Pakistan: Meanings of Partition (Interventions) by Ted Svensson

2013 | ISBN: 0415509076, 1138692921 | English | 216 pages | PDF | 2 MB

This work seeks to examine the event and concurrent transition that the inauguration of India and Pakistan as ‘postcolonial’ states in August 1947 constituted and effectuated.
Analysing India and Pakistan together in a parallel and mutually dependant reading, and utilizing primary data and archival materials, Svensson offers new insights into the current literature, seeking to conceptualise independence through partition and decolonisation in terms of novelty and as a ‘restarting of time’.
Through his analysis, Svensson demonstrates the constitutive and inexorable entwinement of contingency and restoration, of openness and closure, in the establishment of the postcolonial state. It is maintained that those involved in instituting the new state in a moment devoid of fixity and foundation ‘anchor’ it in preceding beginnings. The work concludes with the proposition that the novelty should not only be regarded as contained in the moment of transition. It should also be seen as contained in the pledge, in the promise and the gesturing towards a future community.
Distinct from most other studies on the partition and independence the book assumes the constitutive moment as the focal point, offering a new approach to the study of partition in British India, decolonisation and the institutional of the postcolonial state. This work will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, South Asian studies and political and postcolonial theory.
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Populism: An Introduction (Key Ideas) by Manuel Anselmi

2017 | ISBN: 1138287164, 1138287156 | English | 130 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Populism: An Introduction is the first introduction to the theme of populism. It will introduce the principal theories, definitions, models and contemporary debates. A number of global case studies will be used to illustrate the concept:
• Russian populism;
• Latin American populism;
• Italian populism;
• Peronism;
• Media populism;
• Penal populism;
• Constitutional populism.
Populism will reflect on the sociology of democratic processes and investigate the evolution of political consensus in contemporary political systems. This book will appeal to academics and postgraduate students working in the field of sociology, political sociology and politics.

Regulating the Lives of Women: Social Welfare Policy from Colonial Times to the Present, 3rd Edition by Mimi Abramovitz

2017 | ISBN: 0415785502, 0415785499 | English | 354 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Widely praised as an outstanding contribution to social welfare and feminist scholarship, Regulating the Lives of Women (1988, 1996) was one of the first books to apply a race and gender lens to the U.S. welfare state. The first two editions successfully exposed how myths and stereotypes built into welfare state rules and regulations define women as “deserving” or “undeserving” of aid depending on their race, class, gender, and marital status. Based on considerable new research, the preface to this third edition explains the rise of Neoliberal policies in the mid-1970s, the strategies deployed since then to dismantle the welfare state, and the impact of this sea change on women and the welfare state after 1996. Published upon the twentieth anniversary of “welfare reform,” Regulating the Lives of Women offers a timely reminder that public policy continues to punish poor women, especially single mothers-of-color for departing from prescribed wife and mother roles.
The book will appeal to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of social work, sociology, history, public policy, political science, and women, gender, and black studies – as well as today’s researchers and activists.