Kidnapped (Penguin Little Black Classics)


Kidnapped (Penguin Little Black Classics) by Olaudah Equiano
The Sex Diaries by Arianne Cohen
The Lady’s Maid: My Life in Service by Rosina Harrison
Established: Lessons from the World’s Oldest Companies by Dark Angels
Richard I (Penguin Monarchs): The Crusader King by Thomas Asbridge

Kidnapped (Penguin Little Black Classics) by Olaudah Equiano

English | March 3rd, 2016 | 120 Pages | EPUB | 0.62 MB

Told and retold since the fourteenth century, this West African epic chronicles the story of the mighty warrior who saves his people and founds an empire.
One of 46 new books in the bestselling Little Black Classics series, to celebrate the first ever Penguin Classic in 1946. Each book gives readers a taste of the Classics’ huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries – including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

The Sex Diaries by Arianne Cohen

English | June 20th, 2013 | ISBN: 0091939550 | 368 Pages | EPUB | 0.58 MB

You’ve read the fiction, now find out what really goes on behind closed doors
You’ve spent a long hard week at the office and your social life has seen better days. All the while you’ve contemplated thoughts that you wouldn’t even share with your best friend: the true depths of your latest romantic obsession; your unorthodox fantasies; your secret lustful thoughts. Well, so has everyone else around you. We all do it – all day, every day – but we’ve all remained silent. Until now.
When Arianne Cohen asked over 200 ordinary people from all walks of life to record their inner-most thoughts and confessions for one week, the results were extraordinary. A hidden world of longing, desire, fantasy, and sex – both real and imagined, was revealed.
Now the best diarists from all over the country have been brought together. From the kinky bride-to-be and the adulterous businessman to the grandmother yearning for a good romp, these diaries provide a tantalising and steamy glimpse into their private lives and longings.
Eye-opening and deliciously voyeuristic, it will change the way you think about your friends, colleagues, neighbours and partners forever.

The Lady’s Maid: My Life in Service by Rosina Harrison

English | June 23rd, 2011 | ISBN: 0143120867 | 370 Pages | EPUB | 0.78 MB

‘I was able to get on well with everyone below stairs and above, or so I thought until I began working for Lady Astor…’
In 1929, Yorkshire lass Rosina Harrison became personal maid to Lady Astor: the first female Member of Parliament to take her seat and wife of one of England’s wealthiest lords.
Lady Astor was brilliant yet tempestuous, but outspoken Rose gave as good as she got. For 35 years the battle of wills and wits raged between the two women, until an unlikely friendship began to emerge.
The Lady’s Maid is a captivating insight into the great wealth ‘upstairs’ but also the endless work ‘downstairs’, but it is Rose’s unique relationship with Lady Astor that makes this book a truly enticing read.
Please note, The Lady’s Maid is the new title for the book originally published as Rose.

Established: Lessons from the World’s Oldest Companies by Dark Angels

English | February 22nd, 2018 | ISBN: 1783524650 | 240 Pages | EPUB | 11.24 MB

Heritage. Adaptation. Values. Flexibility.
From the oldest pub in the world to the Liberty Bell and the origins of a nation, Established: Lessons from the World’s Oldest Companies tells the stories of twelve businesses with a combined age of almost 5,000 years. They’ve survived war, plague, rebellion, boom, bust, depression and strange twists of fate. But how and what can we learn from them?
Spanning the local and the global, family businesses and household names such as Guinness and Wrigley, Established seeks to uncover the secrets behind the longevity of these twelve remarkable institutions. This is a book with points to make through stories told; all reinforced by photographs, many of them historic. At a time when the average lifespan of a business seems shorter than ever, the companies included here stand as living testaments to the value of rich, compelling stories in a world of quick-fix branding.

Richard I (Penguin Monarchs): The Crusader King by Thomas Asbridge

English | February 22nd, 2018 | ISBN: 0141976853 | 116 Pages | EPUB | 14.93 MB

Richard I’s reign is both controversial and seemingly contradictory. One of England’s most famous medieval monarchs and a potent symbol of national identity, he barely spent six months on English soil during a ten-year reign and spoke French as his first language.
Contemporaries dubbed him the ‘Lionheart’, reflecting a carefully cultivated reputation for bravery, prowess and knightly virtue, but this supposed paragon of chivalry butchered close to 3,000 prisoners in cold blood on a single day. And, though revered as Christian Europe’s greatest crusader, his grand campaign to the Holy Land failed to recover the city of Jerusalem from Islam.
Seeking to reconcile this conflicting evidence, Thomas Asbridge’s incisive reappraisal of Richard I’s career questions whether the Lionheart really did neglect his kingdom, considers why he devoted himself to the cause of holy war and asks how the memory of his life came to be interwoven with myth. Richard emerges as a formidable warrior-king, possessed of martial genius and a cultured intellect, yet burdened by the legacy of his dysfunctional dynasty and obsessed with the pursuit of honour and renown.