Stop Wasting Your Precious Time 60 Easy Strategies for Eliminating Your Biggest Time Wasters at Work

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time: 60 Easy Strategies for Eliminating Your Biggest Time Wasters at Work

February 27, 2018 // AZW3 + converted pdf

Self-help time management book focused on solving the most common time challenges in the workplace, including unclear priorities, information overload, interruptions and distractions, disorganized workspace, unproductive meetings, procrastination, trying to do it alone, and special challenges for those working from home. Easy-to-read, with an organized format that makes it easy to find the answers you’re looking for.

The author is a professional speaker and consultant, Certified Professional Organizer?, former psychotherapist, manager, and entrepreneur who brings all these experiences and training to her recommendations.

The book is action-oriented, with a variety of solutions offered for each problem area, so if one doesn’t work, there are always several more to choose from. The book is an excellent resource for corporations, associations, professionals, office workers, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and anyone who wants to find more time in their day so they can stop feeling overwhelmed by all they have to do.

This book makes the perfect choice for the person who is always busy but never feels like they’ve gotten enough done, and for work teams who want to be more productive.