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Paul Anthony Jones, “The Accidental Dictionary: The Remarkable Twists and Turns of English Words”
Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings (Volumes 3 and 4) by Steve Sullivan
Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry, 2nd Edition by Francesca Sterlacci, Joanne Arbuckle
The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers in America :
From 1600 to the Present
Richard Webster, “Encyclopedia of Angels”

Paul Anthony Jones, “The Accidental Dictionary: The Remarkable Twists and Turns of English Words”

ASIN: B072J5QTX7, ISBN: 1681775697 | 2017 | AZW3 | 224 pages | 465 KB

Brimming with hidden histories and tantalizing twists, The Accidental Dictionary tells the extraordinary stories behind ordinary words.
Our everyday language is full of surprises; its origins are stranger than you might think. Any word might be knocked and buffeted, subjected to twists and turns, expansions and contractions, happy and unhappy accidents. There are intriguing tales behind even the most familiar terms, and they can say as much about the present as they do the past.
Busking, for instance, originally meant piracy. Grin meant to snarl. A bimbo was a man; nice meant ignorant; glamor was magic, and a cupboard was a table. Buxom used to mean obedient; a cloud was a rock; raunchy originally meant dirty.
Focusing on one hundred surprising threads in the evolution of English, The Accidental Dictionary reveals the etymological origins and quirky developments that have led to the meanings we take for granted today. It is a weird and wonderful journey into words.
So, let’s revel in its randomness and delight in its diversity―our dictionary is indeed accidental.

Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings (Volumes 3 and 4) by Steve Sullivan

English | October 10th, 2017 | ASIN: B071W1SBGQ, ISBN: 1442254483 | 1956 Pages | EPUB | 15.74 MB

Volumes 3 and 4 of the The Encyclopedia of More Great Popular Song Recordings provides the stories behind approximately 1,700 more of the greatest song recordings in the history of the music industry, from 1890 to today. In this masterful survey, all genres of popular music are covered, from pop, rock, soul, and country to jazz, blues, classic vocals, hip-hop, folk, gospel, and ethnic/world music.
Collectors will find detailed discographical data—recording dates, record numbers, Billboard chart data, and personnel—while music lovers will appreciate the detailed commentaries and deep research on the songs, their recording, and the artists. Readers who revel in pop cultural history will savor each chapter as it plunges deeply into key events—in music, society, and the world—from each era of the past 125 years.
Following in the wake of the first two volumes of his original Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings, this follow-up work covers not only more beloved classic performances in pop music history, but many lesser -known but exceptional recordings that—in the modern digital world of “long tail” listening, re-mastered recordings, and “lost but found” possibilities—Sullivan mines from modern recording history. The Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings, Volumes 3 and 4 lets the readers discover, and, through their playlist services, from such as iTunes toand Spotify, build a truly deepcomprehensive catalog of classic performances that deserve to be a part of every passionate music lover’s life.
Sullivan organizes songs in chronological order, starting in 1890 and continuing all the way throughto the present to include modern gems from June 2016. In each chapter, Sullivanhe immerses readers, era by era, in the popular music recordings of the time, noting key events that occurred at the time to painting a comprehensive picture in music history of each periodfor each song. Moreover, Sullivan includes for context bulleted lists noting key events that occurred during the song’s recording.

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry, 2nd Edition by Francesca Sterlacci, Joanne Arbuckle

English | June 30th, 2017 | ASIN: B071G9CBQ4, ISBN: 1442239085 | 767 Pages | EPUB | 3.16 MB

From the first animal skin body coverings, to today’s high fashion collections, fashion has held an important role in the evolution of mankind. The fashion industry has, and continues to make, major contributions to our cultural and social environment. It is an industry that responds to our inherent longing for tribal belonging, our socio-economic needs, individual lifestyles, status stratification and profession apparel requirements.
The fashion industry is fast-paced, complex and ever changing, in response to consumer needs. Throughout the world, vast numbers of people contribute to this industry, each with the shared goal of supplying an end product of a particular price point directed at a target consumer.
This second edition of Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1,400 cross-referenced entries on designers, models, couture houses, significant articles of apparel and fabrics, trade unions, and the international trade organizations. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the fashion industry.

The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers in America :
From 1600 to the Present

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1472570545 | 1104 Pages | PDF | 6.6 MB

For scholars working on almost any aspect of American thought, The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia to Philosophers in America presents an indispensable reference work.
Selecting over 700 figures from the Dictionary of Early American Philosophers and the Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, this condensed edition includes key contributors to philosophical thought. From 1600 to the present day, entries cover psychology, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, education, theology and political science, before these disciplines came to be considered distinct from philosophy. Clear and accessible, each entry contains a short biography of the writer, an exposition and analysis of his or her doctrines and ideas, a bibliography of writings and suggestions for further reading. Featuring a new preface by the editor and a comprehensive introduction, The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia to Philosophers in America includes 30 new entries on twenty-first century thinkers including Martha Nussbaum and Patricia Churchland.
With in-depth overviews of Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Noah Porter, Frederick Rauch, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, this is an invaluable one-stop research volume to understanding leading figures in American thought and the development of American intellectual history.

Richard Webster, “Encyclopedia of Angels”

ISBN: 0738714623 | 2009 | EPUB | 264 pages | 2 MB

Angels lend comfort and strength in times of difficulty, bring our lofty goals down to earth, and set our spirits soaring toward the divine. No matter what spiritual path you travel, the angels are there to offer guidance and inspiration along the way.
International best-selling author and angel expert Richard Webster presents this alphabetically-arranged book of angels, a collection of over 500, hailing from diverse traditions, cultures, and belief systems all over the world. A snapshot of each angel’s traits, abilities, and specialties illustrates the myriad ways in which these heavenly helpers can deepen your spiritual practice and enrich your life.
Discover the roles of angels in various spiritual texts and religions throughout history
Meet your guardian angel, the archangels, the angel presiding over your astrological sign, and more
Learn the best methods, most propitious times, and just exactly how to communicate with each angel
You hold in your hands the ultimate resource for getting in touch with the divine. Open your heart to the miraculous powers of the angels, and fill your life with the peace, encouragement, and blessings that you’ve always wanted.