Learn Spanish – Parallel Text


Michael Sullivans
Learn Spanish. Parallel Text. Easy Stories

Learning Spanish with parallel text is the most rewarding and effective method to learn a language. Existing vocabulary is refreshed, while new vocabulary is instantly put into practice. Recommended for beginners-, intermediate level learners of Spanish and as a refreshers course. It is so easy and enjoyable even absolute beginners with no prior knowledge can start learning. Make use of the Audiobook for practicing your pronunciation. While we feel anyone at any level can work with these stories, a basic understanding of Spanish would be recommended to achieve the maximum learning effect and pleasure. Our entertaining stories contain European culture and characters. Our books are fun to read so you maintain concentration and learn from motivation.
An adventure in La Tomatina
The strange shops of Spain
Eating adventure in Spain
The Adventure of Going to the Cinema in Other Places
United States…”on wheels”
Online Dating Gone Wrong
Grocery-store comedian
Why me?
Una aventura en La Tomatina
La Aventura de Comer en España
Las curiosas tiendas de España
La aventura de ir al cine por el mundo
Estados Unidos… “sobre ruedas
Cita online salió mal
Cita online salió mal
Un cómico en el supermercado