Be a Free Range Human Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills


The Life and Creative Works of Paulo Coelho: A Psychobiography from a Positive Psychology Perspective By Prof. Dr. Claude-Hélène Mayer
David Lindorff, “Pauli and Jung: The Meeting of Two Great Minds”
Thomas Svolos, “Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis”
Judy Willis – Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom
Marianne Cantwell – Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills

The Life and Creative Works of Paulo Coelho: A Psychobiography from a Positive Psychology Perspective By Prof. Dr. Claude-Hélène Mayer

English | PDF | 2017 | 516 Pages | ISBN : 3319596373 | 4.22 MB
This book assesses the life and success of the writer Paulo Coelho, one of the most fascinating and contemporary writers in the world, through new lenses. It applies a positive psychology perspective and contributes to using innovative theories in psychobiographical studies.
This study explores the development of holistic wellness (HWM) and faith development (FDT) throughout the writer’s life. It presents radical changes in spirituality, self-direction, love and faith across the life span. Further, it analyses the development of Coelho’s relationship with God and the creation of meaningfulness through his belief and writing. This study contributes to a new era of psychobiographical works within the positive psychology framework.

David Lindorff, “Pauli and Jung: The Meeting of Two Great Minds”

2004 | ISBN-10: 0835608875 | 318 pages | PDF | 45 MB
The pioneering work of Nobel prize-winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli led to developing the bombs that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Desperate over this outcome, Pauli sought help from the eminent depth psychologist, C. G. Jung. Their long correspondence provides the powerful and unique record of a mature scientist’s inner journey. It also has had a tremendous impact on scientific and psychological thought ever since. Pauli and Jung is a lucid interpretation of Pauli’s ideas and dreams that forcefully validates his belief in the inseparable union of science and spirituality. Far ahead of their time, Wolfgang Pauli and C. G. Jung both knew this union is essential for the future of humanity and the survival of the planet.

Thomas Svolos, “Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis”

2017 | ISBN-10: 1782205039 | 294 pages | EPUB | 0,3 MB
If psychoanalysis will survive in the twenty-first century, this book’s wager is that it will be Lacanian psychoanalysis. Today, the survival of psychoanalysis is in question. Even Jacques Lacan himself, at the peak of his influence when psychoanalysis was a dominant discourse, did not believe that psychoanalysis would triumph and merely posed questions about the survival of psychoanalysis, when future subjects would want something else.
This book articulates a possible future for Lacan and psychoanalysis, through an exploration of the historical trajectory of psychoanalysis and a survey of the ways Lacanian psychoanalysis offers a unique response to the pressing clinical demands of our time.
Much of the book stages this through explications of specific ways Lacanian concepts have developed as a reading of the clinical – as well as the broader psychic and social – phenomena of our moment in history. Psychosis, which is an increasing clinical phenomena, and addiction, which is often described as a contemporary epidemic, are given longer treatment here, while other chapters address central concepts such as trauma, fantasy, the symptom, the body, transference, knowledge, and love.
The book closes with two sections of reflections on psychoanalysis outside of the Lacanian orientation and on the general mental health field.

Judy Willis – Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom

Published: 2007-05-15 | ISBN: 1416605398 | PDF | 227 pages | 1.81 MB
Many teachers in regular classrooms feel unprepared to teach students with learning disabilities. Fortunately, brain research has confirmed that strategies benefiting learners with special challenges are suited for engaging and stimulating all learners. In this book, neurologist and classroom teacher Judy Willis explains that we can best help students by putting in place strategies, accommodations, and interventions that provide developmentally and academically appropriate challenges to suit the needs, gifts, and goals of each student. Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom will help teachers
– Understand how the brain learns and the technologies that reveal this process.
– Implement strategies that are compatible with students’ individual learning styles and honor their multiple intelligences.
– Improve the focus of students with attention disorders and help them gain the confidence and skills they need to develop goal-oriented behaviors.
– Create an enriching learning environment by incorporating student-centered activities, discovery and hands-on learning experiences, cross-curricular learning, and multisensory lessons.
– Implement strategic review, study, and test preparation strategies that will allow students to retain information and connect it with future learning.
– Build safe, supportive classroom communities and raise class awareness and empathy for students with learning disabilities.
It’s time for teachers to lower the barriers, not the bar. Using strategies that align with research on how people’s brains function, teachers can engage all students as individuals and help them reach their maximum potential with joy and confidence.

Marianne Cantwell – Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills

Published: 2013-02-28 | ISBN: 0749466103 | PDF | 280 pages | 1.64 MB
For Marianne Cantwell, Free Range Humans are “a growing tribe, easily spotted by the smiles on their faces on Monday mornings.” They are people that have figured out what they want to do with their lives and they are doing it, right now. They choose when, where and how they work, and get paid to do what makes them come alive. They have decided to live their life every day, not just weekends.
Lighthearted in style but serious in intention, this is a practical guide to creating a life of fulfillment. Life coach Cantwell – herself a career shifter – helps mid-career professionals work out what they really want. She addresses the things that career changers think they need but don’t: a job; an MBA; a big investment; a fancy website, and shows how to build not just a business but a life that works for them.
Be a Free Range Human is a valuable contribution for those new to personal growth and struggling with work-life balance.

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